I have developed a presets pack that is not just a simple one-click solution, it is something else; it is a system that follows the workflow that I myself use to edit my photos. You can choose one of the “All In One” options and then make small variations, or start from scratch and gradually make the adjustments that I would follow myself.

This pack includes:

  • 35 Lightroom presets for Lightroom CC & Classic (Mac & Windows).
  • 5 different exposure adjustments.
  • 9 different base adjustments.
  • 10 contrast adjustments.
  • 30 different tones.
  • 8 different spotlights (4 in normal mode / 4 in inverse mode).
  • 4 vignettes.
  • 5 video tutorials of how I edit my photos using these presets.


This presets pack is designed for NIGHT STREET PHOTOGRAPHY ONLY (ideally streets with many lights). It will not work for daylight photos or astrophotography.

You can achieve good results just by touching the presets (sometimes even the final image), but the idea is playing around with the settings and make small changes in highlights, shadows, contrast, etc in order to match your image, as every photo is different. The presets are meant to be the base of your photos, not the final edit.

Keep in mind that it is difficult the presets match perfectly with 100% of your images. Presets are not a magic product, simply sometimes they won’t match. When that happens, it will be time to use the adjustments presets included in the pack and work on them making small changes manually.

Also you need to have some basic knowledge of Lightroom in order to get the most out of any preset, as there are simply too many variables for each image.

These presets will work best with RAW images.

Examples with same photo

Examples with different photos


Alberto Urra - Cyberpunk & Night Presets