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My name is Alberto Urra, born in Málaga (Spain) and currently living in Madrid.

My passion for photography begins when I started working as a CG Architecture Artist, where one of my tasks was to place the cameras within the program for the infographics that we were going to develop.

When I bought my first camera for a vacation trip, I felt totally trapped by being able to immortalize moments. Although my knowledge of composition and technical management was poor in these early years, I felt excited every time I shot, and wanted to go home so I could see the photos on the computer screen.

I decided that I needed to learn how to use the manual mode of a camera, and for this I bought the Canon Powershow S120, a really nice compact camera with which I learned a lot.

After several years using my dear Canon S120, I decided it was time to move to the next level, so I finally bought my first (and currently only) Full Frame, a second-hand Sony A7r1.

My turning point came in 2019 when I discovered night street photography, especially from the hands of my two great references, Liam Wong and Noe Alonzo. They showed me a world similar to science fiction or cyberpunk, which until then I had only seen in movies, illustrations or mangas.

I have always been passionate about Japanese anime, being my favorite Akira, especially for the visual spectacle it displays. Being able to see that it was possible to photograph in real life scenes that seemed to be taken from this film, completely changed my direction as photographer. I knew that was what I wanted to do.

I prepared a trip to Korea and Japan in order to take these photos. Once there, I was fascinated by being able to walk the streets of the main cities of both countries at night, getting lost in an endless number of small and dark alleys, and seeing the spectacle of its cityscapes. I found out that I had really found my place, and there wasn’t a night that I didn’t go hunting for the best shot until the wee hours of the morning.

Plus, on my return home, I discovered the infinite fun of processing these photographs, being able to go deeper and further in the application of colours and lights.

I am currently waiting for the moment to be able to return to Asia to continue developing this photographic style.